Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rhunendin, really?

Uhh.. Angmar is officially not burg solo friendly. Trying to get to Urugarth for complete class quests to get legendary stuffs... advice says, go through Carn Dum. Oh, ok, great idea... the nasty swampy Imlad Balcorth has too many Fell crap looking to chew me up anyway. So, I do the burglar thing... I'm sneaking, and sneaking, diverting and sneaking. Then I get to the bridge/path to the gates... oh, look at that, need the KEY!!!! I know how to GET the key... but it requires there bing some people willing to actually team up to do the damn quest. So, I sneak by northward to try to get back to safety... and we'll see what happens.

OK... whatevs.

I did take a nice picture. To be loaded when I'm out of game... or later.

edit: here is it

Yurning for Cun Dum...


  1. So you did the burg sneak up to the gates of Carn Dum at level?

    ./bow to you sir. Not easy at all.

  2. Not sure what "at level" is for doing that. Did it at 49. Sneak a doodle doo... HiPS was used at least twice.
    But, as I said... pointless endeavor except for getting to see the place. With I'm just not sure how this is supposed to by a level 50 quest area... even for ranger types.

  3. It's a level 50 fellowship quest area. The area leading to Carn Dum was never meant to be soloed. :)

  4. CD and Uru are group areas :) Supposed to head up there with 5 other players. Other classes probably wouldn't have made it solo at all.

  5. I guess I rely on the fellow/small fellow icons too much. I'll be playing tonight hopefully and even more hopefully, can find a fellowship to at least help me get through 1.7.8, at least then I'll have the key :)

  6. Was on last night for about 3 hours, the whole time with LFF on for 1.7.8, not one bite. I tried it solo - the kick up in stats you get for some of the quests is amazing - but I was trounced without much hassle. Are people just day players or something? I prefer solo play, but at times, it feels like it's more not my choice...

  7. I see and hear all the comments about the lead up to Carn Dum not being a solo place, but shouldn't that mean a icon for quests there being fellow or small fellow? I guess it's like GA where even though one can solo a lot, they will get trounced in many of the quests if they try alone - at level. My next login is actually going to try to do a few GA sm/fellow quests (lvl 34) solo (me being 50 now) and see how it goes. It's painful to log in and just not have anyone reply to LFF requests. I often wonder about if I had chosen to play my alts (not burgs) more often instead of working my way up as a burg first - false sense of security being able to sneak past most obstacles.