Thursday, July 29, 2010

Even at level 50, GA still hurts...

I figured that hey, I'm level 50 now. That 30 something level quest to go jack Ivar shouldn't be too bad.
OK, well.. not the case. I went around killing off wights mostly one-offs or in pairs. more than 2 is very risky.
There's a gate to Ivar... closed. Come to find out, you must defeat Blogkrit, an 11K badass that seemed mostly immune to my Riddle and Subtle Strike. I hardly did any damage either.
In the third attempt, I got him down to 4K, but he got me before I could HiPS or play dead.
Next time I gotta suck it up and wait for help/LFF.
sniff. :(


  1. Heh, that or wait until 65! I imagine any class can solo GA at 65, just gotta have the right tools! Best of luck, and I love trying to solo big places too, often to little avail!

  2. I understand how you feel. I have several characters who still have that Maiden quest in GA, and they're about at your level. I would really like to have them get the quest over with. Finding help can be tough, since it seems like not many people are interested in doing it. There's probably many of us lurking around with a quest still left to do in GA, but have since moved on to other places.

  3. the nice thing is that you just keep getting sent back to areas. Last night I was back to the Lone Lands for 1.11.3 (I think) and I thought about LF(GA)F... but inst4ead got trapped into some low level rep quests. What was going to be ~2 hrs of play time became much more... oops.

  4. that's still the beauty of a burglar... you CAN solo a lot of places.. unless there are mobs or more than 2 @level baddies (3 is pushing it, 4 is pretty much hopeless). Sneaking by humongous things like giants and drakes is breathtaking (literally).