Friday, July 23, 2010

know fear, no fear

Just taking a break from game (love access to the lorebook/blog within the game, since I game full screen mostly) to comment on something I've thought about often. I've back in Angmar for the last BUNCH of play sessions, but I'm back in the Trollshaws after handing in a few epic quests - yay me.
Heading back toward the Bruinen Gap, pop in to complete a basic giant quest... and I see all the drakes I used to have to sneak around, else I'd aggro them each time. Now? Nothing. Instead, I can walk up to them and just look. I can walk around the land and look around. One reason I play this game is because the world of Middle Earth just plain intrigues me. The idea that I can walk around it in 1st person is exciting. So, each time I level up to where I grey the baddies into ignoring me, I get to enjoy a part of the game that's harder to do when everyone around you wants a piece - even if you're a morsel of a hobbit.

Now to do some more quests, that are supposed to be fellowship, sneaktastic solo style, cuz there's so few people on, and even fewer willing to fellow with most of my LFF requests.

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