Saturday, December 4, 2010

Moria, Here i Come

It was many moons ago that a fellow kinsmate coerced convinced me to go to the Walls of Moria and get a move on to Volume 2. I believe I was level 45 or so. I knew the risks were a bit high, but been sneaking in crazier places. He might have forgotten that once inside, he couldn't help, since he'd finished teh area. So I pittered around with some quests and attempted the expeditiojn quests in Filgogan. Bad idea. Way not doable for a lower 40-something burglar. So I left. My mission? Not sure, only to not get killed here. Of course, I COULD have just entered Moria, but seeing that warning about cancelling expedition quests and weighing against my quest OCD (needing to finish nearly everything in an area before leaving - or until I just cannot do it solo... hello Garth Agarwen).

Well, I finally finished Volume 1 and made my way back. Knocked out a bunch of Eregion quests and just killed off all the expedition quests at Walls of Moria. The ultimate procrastination? Writing a stupid blog entry before taking the plunge.

Um, yeah... time to talk to Bosi and get this show on the road... err... mines.

[edit] Grrr... forgot about the fall of moria session.. which I failed. Stupid Balrog.. didn't know what I was supposed to do.. now waiting for th timer to be up to do again. Such is my life.

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  1. Wow... turns out, there's a TON more that needs to be done before getting one's arse into Moria. So, e3ven though I stayed up until 4am this morning playing, I was still working on leveling my Legendary Item. Perhaps I'll venture to locations past to do that and hopefully complete a few awaiting quests.
    The legendary item system is weird. I guess I need to read up one of the forum post I saw about them. Worst is how I didn't realize that a significant chunk of the last group of quests before getting my first official (2.1.8??) LI wold have given LI XP, and now.. nope all gone. Ouch!
    As always... it'll be about a week before I get on again. X vacation can't come soon enough! :)